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Welcome to Westside Elementary School's website.  Westside was built in 1972, making it the oldest school on the west side of Hernando County.  We are a Title 1 school and offer special services to our students in all grade levels.  We are also an Accelerated Reader school.  More than twenty of our classrooms have qualified as Model Reading Classrooms through Accelerated Reader.  We currently have a sixty station computer lab to assist learning in Reading and Math and a sixteen station Fast ForWord Lab to assist students with reading difficulties.  Our library has several search stations for our on-line card catalog.  Every classroom has multiple computer stations for student access to local programs, as well as the Internet.  Please visit our other web links to learn why "Westside is the Best Side!"





The staff, parents, and teachers of Westside Elementary believe:

All children are special;

All children can learn.

MISSION OF THIS SITE Westside has developed this website with the hope that it will provide a bridge between and among Westside staff, students, parents, and the community we serve.  To this end, it is the webmaster's goal to make the site as informative, convenient, enjoyable, and up-to-date as possible.  Please take a few moments to read about the programs offered at Westside or check up on the school news.  And, please do support our Business Partners  




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