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Superintendent of
Hernando County Schools

Wendy L. Tellone, Ed.D.
Dr. Tellone became Superintendent of
 The School Board of Hernando County on
September 4, 2001

A Message from the Superintendent

Dear Parents, Children and Community Members:

Welcome to Hernando County and the Hernando District Schools! We are here to serve the children of our community by providing a challenging and quality educational experience. Each child is encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities available at the schools. It is imperative that parents be active participants in the education of their children. As in any organization, communication is important. Please contact our schools directly if you have any questions and/or concerns.

Office of the General Counsel
The School District of Hernando County, Florida
919 North Broad Street
Brooksville, FL 34601
Phone 352-797-7253                           Fax 352-797-7178

J. Paul Carland, II, Esq.
General Counsel

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Hernando County School Board Mission Statement
The mission of the Hernando County school system is to provide a quality education in a safe environment for the youth of our community to foster their growth physically, socially, and academically. We provide the opportunity for life-long learning for all our citizens so that all may compete and flourish in a modern, global economy. While students are our primary concern and we recognize they are the reason for our existence, we are also sensitive to the needs of other such as parents, the community and all employees of Hernando County Schools.

Hernando County School Board Goals
I.    To prepare all students with the skills to be lifelong learners and become responsible and productive citizens.

The Hernando County School Board is dedicated to an emphasis on high academic performance at all levels of a student's educational experience within the district and to provide programs to ensure the students success.

II.    To have the financial resources necessary to support our mission and achieve our goals.

The Hernando County School Board is committed to prudent financial planning and budgeting as keys to the fiscal stability of our district.

III.    To develop an atmosphere of pride in our school district which radiates within and beyond our community.

The Hernando County School Board is committed to continuing open and positive communication among all employees; encouraging all parents, business people and citizens to be active partners in the education of our children and to developing strategies which promote the Hernando County school District.

IV.    To ensure that all district facilities are designed constructed and maintained to support the district's educational programs and to provide for the safety and health of the students and staff.  

The Hernando County School Board recognizes that an appropriate and safe learning environment is essential to the proper education of our students and the well being of our staff.

V.    To establish, continuously align, and improve systems throughout the district to maximize the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of our services while considering future needs as a result of growth.

The Hernando county School Board is committed to implementing best practices and creating systems that align all resources to assure that each student achieves at his or her highest level.