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Educational Diagnosticians


Kristi Harrin - ext. 342

Rosemary Stagi - ext. 342

The primary service of Educational Diagnosticians is to administer three-year evaluations as well as academic evaluations as part of a confidential Psycho-educational Report for students being initially evaluated for placement in Exceptional Student Educational Programs.  The test administered by the Educational Diagnosticians is the WJIII Test of Achievement.  The Educational Diagnosticians service all schools in Hernando County.

Services Provided



*Administer Academic Evaluations for:

   -   3-year re-evaluations

   -   Psycho-educational reports

*Assist in evaluating students with learning and behavioral difficulties

*Evaluate academic skills

*Provide information to evaluate eligibility for special service programs

*Provide verbal and written feedback to parents regarding evaluation results


* Collaborate with teachers, parents, school personnel, and school  psychologists regarding evaluation results

Information on the Reports
Each student, that is tested, is sent a letter indicating their evaluation has been completed and the report is available to be picked up by the parent or guardian at the school.  Other interested parties should contact the staffing specialist or guidance counselor at the appropriate school to set up arrangements for receiving a parent copy of the report


Information on the WJIII Test of Achievement

The Woodcock-Johnson Test of Achievement are used by the Educational Diagnosticians to determine and describe the status of a student's academic achievement.  Uses of the WJIII Test of Achievement include:
                    - Establishing an individuals present performance levels in achievement
                    - Determining an individuals academic strengths and weaknesses
                    - Comparing an individuals level of attainment to his/her peers
                    - Exploring eligibility for special programs provided by the school system
                    - Monitoring educational progress across the school years
                    - Assisting with recommendations for specific curricular adaptations


Updated as of 12-07-2007