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Barry Crowley
Coordinator of Safety & Security 


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The management of this organization is committed to providing student, staff, and the general public with safe and sanitary educational facilities.   It is the policy of this organization that students and staff and the general public report unsafe conditions immediately and do not perform any tasks that might be considered unsafe.  All accidents, injuries, and unsafe conditions must report immediately to school administrators or supervisors.  No such report will result in retaliation, penalty, or other disincentive.  Students, staff, and the general public's recommendations to improve safety and health conditions within our facilities will be given thorough consideration by our management team.  Management will give top priority to provide the financial resources for the correction of unsafe conditions.  Similarly, management will take disciplinary action against any student or staff member who willfully or repeatedly violates safety rules.  Students who violate safety rules may face detention suspension or possible expulsion, depending on the severity of the incident. All punishment will be within the guidelines of the student code of conduct. Staff members who violate safety rules may face verbal or written reprimands and may ultimately face termination of employment. Depending on the severity of the incident, all punishment will be within the guidelines of all existing board approved employment contracts.  The primary responsibility for the coordination, implementation, and maintenance of our safety program has been assigned to:

Name:              Barry Crowley

Title:                Coordinator of Safety and Security

                        School Safety Officer

Telephone:       (352) 797-7054

Fax:                  (352) 797-7154

E-mail               barryc@hcsb.k12.fl.us


Senior management will be actively involved with employees in establishing and maintaining an effective safety program.  Our safety program coordinator and other members of our management team will participate with students, staff, and the general public in ongoing safety and health program activities, which include but are not limited to:

  • Promoting Safety Committee participation.

  • Providing safety and health education and training.

  • Reviewing and updating work place safety rules.

  • Working with other county, state, and federal agencies to assure safe schools

  • Conducting annual safety, fire safety, ADA compliance, sanitation, and maintenance inspections of the school district's 212 buildings.

  •  Promoting safety through a safety awards program and safe driver program.

 This policy statement serves to express management's commitment to, and involvement in, providing our employees with a safe and healthy work place.   This work place safety program will be incorporated as the standard practice for this organization.  Compliance with the safety rules will be required of all employees as a condition of employment.

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