It is the school administrator's responsibility to ensure the safety of a large number of students, teachers, and other personnel, to do everything possible in the event of imminent danger. Therefore, any bomb threat must be considered as a real danger to the lives and safety of all persons in a building. It is very important each member of the staff be completely aware of the procedures to be followed and cooperates fully in the event of a bomb threat. The following procedures will go into effect as soon as it is known that a bomb or lethal explosive device exists, or is reported to exist, in any of our buildings:

  1. The secretary or any person taking the telephone call will attempt to gain all possible information from the caller: where the bomb is in the building, when it will explode and if there is more than one (1) bomb. The message taker will also note the sex, age, voice tone (as near as possible) and what the exact threat is.
  2. A "CODE YELLOW" should be given over the public address system to notify the staff a bomb threat was received and the fire alarm will ring. All two way radios should be immediately shut off. The teachers and staff members should quickly check their areas for any "strange" boxes or packages (i.e., attaché cases) that do not belong in the area. DO NOT TOUCH ANY SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE. Report any such item to the administrator after everyone has left the building.
  3. The building administrator will sound the fire alarm and evacuate the building(s).
  4. 911 should be called immediately. The Superintendent's Office, 797-7001, and the Coordinator of Safety, 797-7054, or cell 279-6626 should be notified immediately.
  5. The building administrator will check to ensure everyone has left the building(s).
  6. Teacher/staff members will make a roll call check to ensure everyone is accounted for. Names of missing students/staff members will be relayed to the administrator.
  7. Teacher/staff members will then escort the students to a predetermined staging area that is a safe distance from the school and wait for further instructions.
  8. The building administrator will meet with the police, fire and public safety officials when they arrive and assist them as needed.
  9. After the search is completed, the Administrator, the Coordinator of Safety, the Superintendent, and local law enforcement will determine if the building should be reentered.
  10. If the school cannot be reentered, the students will be moved to the closest available facility that can safely house them. The student population shall be housed in the host school's gym, auditorium, media center, and in the cafeteria if it occurs after lunch.
  11. When a bomb threat is made before lunch, the food service department should be notified for an alternative-feeding plan. If it appears either the school cannot be reentered or the evacuation will last beyond lunch, the food service department should be updated with the alternative student housing plans so it can make the appropriate feeding arrangements.
  12. If the decision is made to move students to an alternate school, the Transportation Department will be notified. Only a sufficient number of buses will be used to transport the students and staff to the alternate location. Buses will be used if the school is beyond walking distances or if there is inclement weather.
  13. The Transportation Department will make arrangements to have the evacuated students picked up at the regular release time, at the alternate site, by the normal route school buses.
  14. When a bomb threat is made during inclement weather, the Transportation Department should be notified immediately to supply buses for temporary shelters for the students. This should not delay the evacuation of the school.
  15. No one shall reenter the building unless the all clear is sounded by a voice command. No electronic devices shall be used to recall students into the building.
  16. At the end of the normal school day, the teachers/staff shall meet with the Administrator and Coordinator of Safety to go over the events of the day. Adjustments will be made to the county and the school bomb threat evacuation plan, as needed based on the information gathered at that meeting.
  17. Each school administrator shall prepare a school Bomb Threat Evacuation Plan to compliment the county Bomb Threat Evacuation Plan. Students and staff shall be trained in the proper procedures.
  18. Two bomb threat drills shall be conducted each school year.