Math Story Book Project  

By yourself, create a math story book using a math concept we have studied in class.  The story must have a plot and illustrations. (An example of a math story book is “Circumference and the Round Table”)  

Purpose of project:  To teach a math concept through writing.

Theme:  Medieval Times

Your book must contain:                   A front and back cover


                                                            Story with plot

                                                            Numbered pages

                                                            Dedication page

                                                            No spelling errors

Be as creative as you can be, we will use these in our “Show What You Know Night”

Tips for a successful math book:  Choose math concept first, then build a story around the concept.


                                                                  Research events that occurred or other

                                                                   stories that have been written about

                                                                   the medieval times.  

Project will be presented to the class.  Project will need to be ready to present on 2/13 and 2/14.