Egg Drop!


        Though the egg drop does sound simple and elementary, there are actually many scientific aspects that should be taken into consideration.

        For example, when the egg is in the person's hand right before they release it, it has potential energy. As the egg is dropped out of the person's hand and falls toward the egg catcher, the egg is gaining kinetic energy. When  the egg reaches the halfway point between the drop point and the egg catcher. After this point, the egg has more kinetic energy than potential energy. Right before the egg touches the egg catcher, the egg is at maximum kinetic energy.

        Here are some key vocabulary words that are involved in the physics of the egg drop:

  1. Impact time: the amount of time it takes for a force to stop another force.

  2. Crumple zone: an amount of space that compresses to lessen the impact of another area or object.

  3. Kinetic energy: Energy gained by motion.

  4. Potential Energy: Stored energy (without motion.)

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