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Acceptable Use Agreement

By continuing past this screen, you have agreed to and signed the Hernando County School District Internet Acceptable Use Agreement and will not in any way hold the Hernando County School District responsible for any and all content viewed while accessing the system.


The use of the network is a privilege, not a right and inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of those privileges. Employees and students are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of network etiquette.  The following list is considered unacceptable use of the network: 

a.     Using impolite, abusive, or objectionable language

b.     Using the network in ways that violate federal, state, or  local laws

c.     Activities which cause congestion of the network or otherwise interfere with the work of others

d.     Using the network for commercial purpose or financial gain

e.     Sending or receiving copyrighted materials without permission

f.        Using the network for sending or retrieving obscene materials

g.     Circumventing security and/or authentication measures

h.     Unauthorized access to another’s resources, programs, or data

i.         Vandalizing network resources, including the uploading or creation of computer viruses/worms/malware

j.         Falsifying one’s identity to others while using the network

k.      Installation of unauthorized hardware/software on the computer networks

l.         Use of network resources to commit forgery or to create a forged instrument